Easy Email delivery service
for privacy conscious
European based businesses

We provide a 100% GDPR safe transactional email service delivered from within the EU.

Benefit from our dynamic templates to provide individualized emails for your order confirmations, invoices, account creation, and much more.

Rely on our fast delivery

Fast, almost instant, delivery is essential when sending emails with passwords, activation codes and other transactional emails. Your reputation depends on it. That is why fast and secure delivery is always top of mind at EUmail. 

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How it works

It really is super easy:

Using our visual designer, you create your dynamic templates, and you can see how it looks, when using your own test data. The preview gets updated realtime when you change your data. 

When you’re satisfied with the online look of your mail, you can send test mails directly from EUmail using the same template and test-data.

Finally, you will use your own system and our API to send your emails, and you can provide merge data for each email. 

You can also prepare a new version of you template while keeping the current template in production.

Visual drag & drop template editor

See your email while editing. Used handlebar tags to include your own data. Preview mode supports highlighting of merge fields

Designed and delivered with GDPR compliance in mind

Mandaa EUmail is designed to be 100% GDPR safe for customers who require the highest level of compliance.

  • Standard EU DPA contract
  • Located in a high-security data center
    in Denmark
  • Developed and supported in the EU
  • No public cloud services used at all

Dynamic templates and why you need them

Transactional emails are all about individualised content in your emails, 
for example account creation or order confirmations. Using handlebars – that you define yourself – you can include your dynamic data in your email templates.

Handlebar example:

Order number: {{ordernumber}}

Why EUmail?

Recent years have brought an increased awareness to European companies about being GDPR compliant, while national data protection organisations are increasingly sceptical about the global cloud solutions. 

Based on personal experiences with clients, our Founders saw that there is a need for a EU based emal solution that is 100% GDPR compliant by design. 

So please – say Hello to Mandaa EUmail!

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