Frequenty Asked Questions

About Mandaa EUmail

Mandaa EUmail is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that allows clients to send and track transactional emails by calling the EUmail API.

This type of solution is typically used by clients who have a system that must send single emails to their users or customers, when an event happens in their software. 

Typical applications that use transactional emails are: 
– online shops
– bank systems
– member systems
– subscription based services
– social media platforms
– legal systems

The mail difference between EUmail and similar competing systems is that EU mail are made and delivered from the EU and this inherently answers a number of normally difficult questions about GDPR compliance. 

It is technically possible to use Mandaa EUmail for marketing campaigns, but there are other providers that focus on marketing emails and who provide a better solution for that job. 

EUmail focus on emails aimed at a single recipient, where the dynamic templates in EUmail supports a unique email experience. 

Online email services like Mandaa EUmail provide a number of benefits compared to in-house mail solutions for transactional emails. 

  • Separation of design and code. The marketing department can edit all templates themselves and control the visual identity. The developers can concentrate on integration and providing the correct data to be merged into the templates.
  • Emails work and look the same in different mail clients 
  • Email tracking
  • Call-back on open-mail, clicks etc. 
  • Smart handling of bounces

A Sender Profile is somewhat similar to what our competitors call sub-accounts or sub-users. But there are also a number of differences. 

All EUmail accounts has at least one Sender Profile called Main.

All templates, domains, API tokens, users etc. belong to a sender profile, and only the Plan and Billing information is bound to the the Account, which is a level above the sender profiles. 

Each sender profile comes with one (1) user. The subscription plan defines how many sender profiles/users, you have, but you are free to create more at an extra cost. 


Mandaa EUmail Data Processor Agreement (DPA) is available for all paid subscriptions. The agreement will be between ScanSpan SL and your company and will be provided by ScanSpan SL. 
Please write to if you want to enter the agreement or to get a copy of the agreement before signing. 

Mandaa EUmail use a secure private cloud in Denmark for all our systems. No public clouds and no systems outside the EU are involved in our operations. 
Please contact support at if you need more information. 


ScanSpan SL will send you an invoice within a few days after you sign up. The invoice will use the billing information you have provided in your account. Invoices will be issued monthly before the start of the next period. 
The invoices must be paid within 8 business days. In case of late or non-payment, your account will be changed to a Free account. 
The invoice must be paid via a bank transfer. 

The invoice will be issued by:

ScanSpan SL
Calle Italia 22
03003 Alicante
V.A.T. number ESB42561266

You have one callback included per sender profile. You can use the callbacks as you like across the sender profiles. 

If you create more callbacks than you have sender profiles, we will charge you a small amount per extra callback every month. 

You have one user included per sender profile. You can use the users as you like across the sender profiles. 

If you create more users than you have sender profiles, we will charge you a small amount per extra user every month. 


SMTP sending is supported for Enterprise customers. Please contact support at for further information.