SMTP service

About SMTP

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is probbaly the most widely supported standard for sending email. Almost all development frameworks and website serviced support SMTP out of the box, thus making SMTP the fasted way to start sending transactional emails from your website or web application.

How to send emails using SMTP

Sending emails using a SMTP is normally just a matter of copying some configuration information into the config interface in your website or the config files of your web application. 
You will get the configuration information from EUmail support after signing up to this service.


Mandaa EUmail uses TLS to secure your information between your application and the EUmail service. No data from your email are stored on EUmail servers after the email has been sent. Only log information about the event is stored. 


Prices depend on the setup you need and the volumne of emails sent. Starting prices are similar to the prices for sending via the API. Our SMTP service is not offered as a free service.  

How to get started

Our SMTP service is currently offered as a per request only service.
Please user our contact form to gain access to sending using our this service. 

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