Legal & Data Processor Agreement

The data processor agreement (DPA) is an agreement between a data controller (company / organisation) and a data processor (such as Mandaa EUmail). It regulates how the data processor process personal data on behalf of the data controller.

One of the main goals of Mandaa EUmail is to provide a mail service that “ticks all the boxes” for especially European companies and organisations. We have gone to great lenghs to design our service so that there are no read flags when evaluated by the legal departments.

We have chosen to use the standard DPA from the European Union (Standard Contractual Clauses For the purposes of Article 28(3) of Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR)) with only the most common and necessary clarifications and conditions. Please contact us at if you need to see our DPA prior to signing up.


  • Data is located in a private cloud in Denmark
  • No public cloud providers are used in any part of our delivery
  • No data ever leaves the European Union for any purpose

The Data Processor Agreement is available to all clients signed up to our Basic subscription and above. The DPA agreement will be valid for the entire time the client has an active subscription with Mandaa EUmail.

You can read more about the EU rules for data protection here:

About Mandaa EUmail from ScanSpan SL

Mandaa EUmail is a brand name of ScanSpan SL, Calle Italia 22, 03003 Alicante, Spain with company registration number ESB42561266. Please contact us on if you need further information.